Ear Plugs - Hearing Protection

Riding a motorcycle creates a lot of noise, even when wearing a full-face helmet.  Depending upon circumstances and the helmet's design, wearing a helmet may actually increase the noise level.

The fact is that earplugs, when worn properly, can greatly reduce the noise level of riding.  They can help save your hearing and also reduce some of the stresses of long-distance riding.  Earplugs especially designed for motorcyclists and can be found in any motorcycle store. They cut out most wind-noise-in-helmet frequencies but still allow sirens, horns and engine noise to get through.

Remember, once your hearing is lost, it is lost forever

Wearing earplugs whilst riding motorcycles can make your ride much more enjoyable; if you've never worn them, you won't believe how much less stressful it is to ride without wind noise drumming in your brain!  And earplugs can make a noisy helmet much quieter.

 Types of Ear Plugs:

Disposable, Non disposable and Silicone based custom made.

Instructions for inserting and removing ear plugs :

Before fitting any ear plugs, make sure your hands are clean!  Hold the ear plug between your thumb and forefinger.  Roll and compress the entire ear plug to a small, crease-free cylinder. 

While still rolling, use your other hand to reach over your head and pull up and back on your outer ear.  This is important!  This straightens the ear canal, making way for a snug fit.  Sometimes it helps to hold your mouth and throat open whilst inserting the earplugs.

Insert the ear plug and hold for a few seconds. This allows the ear plug to expand and fill the ear canal.  When properly inserted, the ambient sound level should drop way down as the earplugs expand. If you can cup your hands over your ears and the noise seems to decrease, your ear plugs are probably not fitted properly. Remove and refit following instructions. 

Always remove ear plugs slowly, twisting them to break the seal. If you remove them too quickly, you could damage your ear drum!  Foam ear plugs are disposable and are not supposed to be re-used