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Driving or riding is a privilege, not a right !

The instructor at COMFORT driving school attaches a high importance to driving as a life skill. He believes that driving is a privilege, not a right. Therefore, in order to improve the safety of our roads, it is vital to train drivers not only to excel in the driving test but also to practice safer driving at all times. To this end, the positive, patient approach to driving instruction practised at COMFORT driving school strongly promotes good habits that will remain with drivers for life.

Our instructor has qualified by examination in practical theoretical and presentational skills to deliver instruction in advanced riding and driving techniques for professional drivers and riders. Comfort365 Driving Instructors Galway are one of the most highly trained and qualified driving instructors you could meet in Galway and throughout Ireland.

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The Instructor at Comfort Galway Motorcycle / Driving School Daniel has been enjoying motorcycling for over 20 years. Daniel's passion for motorcycling started at the age of ten and his first off road motorcycle interest started to grow deeper since then. Daniel obtained his first motorcycle license at the age of 17.  Yes, he had many near misses and some are very close but God is good all the time so he arrives home to share a positive story and never stopped learning.

You need the Passion for Learning

As an instructor, he strives for excellence both in his students and also in himself. His attitude to continuous self-improvement has lead him to undertake training and testing by many Senior Police Class 1 / Garda examiners both here in Ireland and in the UK. Daniel has trained thousands of pupils within  a short period of time in Galway from absolute beginners to advanced drivers / riders.

Few of our top listed clients taken ADVANCED RIDING OR DRIVING

Members of law enforcement agencies, Insurance Company Staff, Driving Instructors / Testers, Road Safety / Traffic watch officers and Professional drivers / riders from Accident & Emergency / Individuals from Defence force, ESB, Galway Metal, Hegarty Metal, Abbott Laboratories, Pallas Foods etc.

Daniel holds a number of motorcycling and instructional Qualifications beyond those required to become an instructor in Ireland. These qualifications include:

  • Road Safety Authority - Approved Driving & Motorcycle Instructor for ABCD categories. The Road Safety Authority (RSA) is the national body assigned with responsibility for improving road safety in Ireland.
  • Road Safety Authority - Approved Initial Basic Trainer (IBT Training Provider) for  Motorcycles.
  • Diploma in Advanced Motorcycle Instruction with the UK based, Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). RoSPA is one of the best safety organisations in the world and their qualifications are recognised,  and highly respected worldwide.
  • IBA Member of the World's Toughest Motorcycle Riders, Iron Butt Association by completing approximately 1000 miles within 24hours in adverse weather conditions twice within a year. Only a handful of riders from around the world have managed to solve the equation of time, distance and endurance to complete the IBA Circuit of Ireland which was conducted under very strict guidelines.
  • FIVE times Gold Grade in Advanced Riding / Driving with RoSPA UK.
  • BTEC DIPLOMA in Advanced Riding / Driving Instruction with the UK based EDEXCEL educational awards body. Diploma is awarded only to top class, fulltime driving and motorcycle instructors and their guidelines are very strict and only a handful of instructors from Ireland have pursued towards this goal.
  • Qualified Motorcycle Instructor and member of the Motorcycle Rider Training Group Ireland. MRTG  was Established in 1998 who are trained by ATB (Approved Training Body) of the Driving Standard Agency UK, now celebrating 12 years of motorcycle training in Ireland.
  • Approved AON/AXA Skills Assessor. Approved by AON insurance brokers and AXA insurance company
  • Approved Quinn Direct Skills Assessor for Motorcycles.
  • Approved trainer by the Institute of Advance Motorists (IAM) to conduct advance motorcycle training and car training in the West of Ireland.
  • Approved instructor for Defensive Driving UK to instruct, assess and certify professional drivers.
  • Approved Trainer for Advance Training Skills Ltd Irl. for categories ABCD & EC to test, train and certify professional drivers and riders.
  • Daniel holds Licence categories A (motorcycles), B (car), C (rigid trucks), D (Bus/Coach) & EC (Articulated Trucks), also he has a vast knowledge and experience and have clocked thousands of miles driving / riding around Europe, Asia, America and Australia.
  • Approved Instructor by DIR (Driving Instructor Register of Ireland)
  • Approved Steer  Clear Driving Educator to teach in Secondary Schools in Galway City and County.

In addition to the above driving / riding and instructional achievements, Daniel takes personal interest in every single pupils' success and believes "Nothing is Impossible".  In Week 21 in the month of May 2010, Daniel trained 24 pupils for RSA motorcycle test in Galway within 4days and every single one of them passed the test.  Daniel enjoys teaching specially, people with disabilities, special needs or language barriers, elderly, extremely nervous or slow learners