Types of Motorcycles:

There are various types of motorcycles available in the market based on your need, age, personality, height, weight, budget, taste, hobby etc.  Do a thorough research before purchasing your first bike. We all have made mistakes when we bought our first bike and you could learn from others mistakes so you don't have to regret after purchasing your first  bike.  Talk to your instructor with regard to selection of your (machine) motorcycle, protective clothing (PPE), licensing, insurance and other motorcycle related issues before you purchase or talk to someone who could give you some valuable tips when choosing your motorcycle.

We have shown below from 50cc scooter, powerful automatic scooter, naked street bike, standard road bike, sports bike, off road bike, pleasure riding cruiser, touring adventure bike to touring sports bike.

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Small MopedPoweful ScooterBeginners Clutch Controlled 125ccStandard On Road BikeSports or Racing BikeOff Road BikeCruiserTouring Adventure BikeSports Touring