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COMFORT Driving School offers all levels of easy first class motorcycle rider  training from beginners to advanced level in Galway city and County (Connacht and Midwest).  Comfort's Motorcycle School Galway offers the following trainings to suit any rider. Motorcycle Safety is our number one priority similar to RoSPA association's aim.  Thanks to Comfort's Galway Driving/ Motorcycle School because you don't need to own a motorcycle or pay high insurance to be trained or tested.  We are the first Motorcycle School in Galway to introduce this service and you will be guaranteed that our most highly qualified and trained motorcycle instructor based in Galway will deliver this training in a most friendly and courteous manner.  Please read our Clients Testimonials for further information.

IBT (Initial Basic Training) Galway. Mandatory Motorcycle Lessons divided into four modules 

IBT is training to a competent basic level and is not tested for a pass or fail result. The instructor must be satisfied that the trainee has acquired the necessary skill and knowledge level needed to be safe on the road.

The IBT course syllabus includes 4 modules, which have to be completed in turn. There is a minimum 16 hours tuition broken down to 4 separate modules. Once the instructor is satisfied that all modules are complete he/she will then sign off the trainee as competent and completing the IBT course. You will then be able to acquire your learner permit to ride on the roads by yourself.

As of December 6th 2010 all learner motorcyclists (Category A, A1 and M) will be required to undergo Initial Basic Training (IBT) before being allowed to ride on Irish public roads

Beginner - Intended for those with little or no previous motorcycle experience, and for those returning to motorcycling after many years absence. The aim is to get you to the stage where you are comfortable to ride on your own in all normal road conditions. Every single person who has completed Comfort's  beginners course has passed the driving test at the first go.  We follow the same syllabus of DSA Driving Standard Agency in the UK.  DSA says "We set the standards, We are the examiners, We are the experts".  Now, you have the answer, we have the best syllabus.

Intermediate - Takes you beyond the skills required the pass the normal test conditions which tend to take place in slow, urban traffic. Training includes motorway driving, Advanced Motorcycle Cornering Skills and fast national road sections.

Advanced - This is the next stage of training and is designed to take you up to ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) standards. This course is packed with useful advice for learners to experienced riders. We'll train you to get the Gold Award which is the highest available award for a civilian rider.  However, you will be tested by one of the most qualified Garda examiners in Ireland and its great fun. They are fantastic and they go to the extent of giving remedial advise to polish your riding skills.

Pre-test training includes practice with headgear as will be used in the Irish Driving / Motorcycle Test. The pre-test motorcycle rider training course itself focuses on preparing you for your test and includes essential theory, explanation of the test itself, as well as instruction in on-road aspects of the test.  This training will lasts for 2.5 hours to 3 hours and we have maintained 100% success record in our pretest training.  However, if you didn't commit a single Grade 3 fault or 4 for the same aspect  Grade2 faults and failed the motorcycle test after our training, we'll offer you a free pre test training.

AON/AXA BikeCare & Quinn Assessments - Driving down the cost of insurance. Huge Discounts with premium reductions ranging from up to 25% for basic competency right up to 45% for demonstrating expert competency. Why not give us a call to arrange an appointment for a training to assess your skill level?  Many people obtained Aon / Axa grade 2 and Quinndirect Grade 1 in Galway were highly impressed with our detailed training and assessment.  Our main instructor Daniel in Galway motorcycle & driving school instructor who could help you to sort all your motorcycle training and insurance matters in Galway city and county.


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We welcome all riders from nervous to confidant. Whether it's your first time on the bike or planning to sit the test or you're a regular at the test centre, we are committed to helping you realise your full riding potential.