Galway Gift Vouchers Motorcycle Lesson or Driving Lessons Galway

Any Occasion

Comfort Driving / Motorcycle School  Galway gift vouchers are for any occasion, be it Christmas, a Birthday, special Anniversary, or as a reward. Could there be a better surprise for a friend, employee or family member than a good driving lesson voucher?  The unique gift of driving safely whilst enjoying the freedom of the road will always be remembered and give them the freedom they have always wanted.

Any Age

Comfort Driving / Motorcycle School  Galway gift vouchers  are a wonderful gift for anyone of any age, whether they are starting to drive at 17 starting their driving or riding journey, returning to the road after a gap, or just wishing to polish their skills at reversing around the corner, parallel parking, motorway driving or bad weather driving or someone, needing a refresh or for seniors who are required to be assessed.

Any Denominations

Comfort Driving School gift vouchers come in many different denominations, and all come in its own envelope accompanied by a Comfort Driving School leaflet, which should tell the recipient how to get in touch and how to get started.

Our Promise Guaranteed 100 %

The gift voucher with Comfort Driving / Motorcycle School  Galway will not only gives the recipient that extra encouragement to begin their journey with us but it will also ensure they learn the essential riding / driving skills for Life to become safer drivers or riders for life, well beyond their driving test.  We'll guarantee that your loved ones will be trained by one of the most highly qualified driving instructors / motorcycle instructors in Galway Ireland.

Some tips Before you purchase motorcycle lesso  or driving lesson gift vouchers

  • Donít Waste Your Money simply because you are obliged to give someone a gift. We all get some gifts but we never used it or liked it at all
  • Please do not buy motorcycle riding / driving lesson gift vouchers because someone offered it very cheap and you got good value for money or it was given free of charge.
  • We are sure you want the best surgeon when it comes to an operation or concerning your health matters, then why not research about your driving or motorcycle instructor because driving or riding is for life?
  • Motorcycle Lessons / Driving lesson gift vouchers are not just another gift but ďthey are gift for lifeĒ the recipient should benefit 100% from your gift not jut the motorcycle or the driving instructor.  
  • ďIt is not the quantity of lesson matter, it is the quality of the lesson mattersĒ
  • We have seen many people got gift vouchers from some instructors but they never went back to them because they were terrified or they didnít learn anything but the instructor was paid upfront.
  • Before you purchase gift vouchers, please do a background check about the instructor and the customers feedback and testimonials.

A True Story of a Female Young Driver's email from Knocknacarra, Galway.

Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 16:02:30 +0000 [04:02:30 PM GMT]
From: erin
Subject: Thanks for the lesson today:)

Hope it does your business good. I should have got you in the first place!!!

I am 21 years old and eager to drive. I received driving lesson vouchers bought for Christmas last year by my mother who was keen to get them at a cheap rate. I was over the moon when I got them but soon realised after receiving 10 lessons, (that is a whole 10 hours) with the driver he was not worth the money spent. He dragged out each lesson and never gave me confidence. Through the whole 10 lessons I got all we did was drive around Knocknacarra repeatedly where he did not show me the town routes of Galway and the country roads.

I actually thought I was well equipped for the road after 10 cheap lessons but in my compulsive actions I bought a car and within the first week of having my car I crashed into a young lady of my age. I obviously was not taught the right rules of the road. I was a very nervous driver to begin with and now my nerves get the better of me more often after my accident. Thankfully no one was hurt it was a minor tip but none the less a crash. The kind lady I had the tip with told me her previous instructors name and said he would build my confidence and push me to learn effectively.

I have since been getting lessons from The Comfort School of Driving with Dan and I am on my way to gaining my confidence back. He really is worth the extra money as he makes you feel comfortable and calms your nerves when your in the car with him. I feel safe now with Comfort Driving and I will continue to get lessons with them until my fear of the road is gone. I sincerely believe that anyone who is a first time driver like myself, not to go with the cheap options as it obviously did not work out well for me. I am left in debt over my useless road instructor and I just want to share my story with you all as I donít want it happening to you. Cheaper is not better in this case.