Clothing and Safety Gear: PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Wear appropriate clothing and a secure helmet every time you get on your bike. Neck warmer is ideal for long journeys including ear plugs.
  • High visibility Motorcycle Jackets do come with back protector, if not you could purchase them separately.  and trousers should give you enough protection from impact, abrasion, cold and weather conditions.
  • Use body armour on vulnerable areas such as the back, knees, elbows, shoulders, hips and shins. This should be adjustable so it fits snugly and does not move in a crash.  All these protectors are equipped in most of the modern gear.
  • You should wear a good reflective jacket to make you more visible on the road if your Jacket is dark colored. "See and be seen, or you could be "I just didn't see him".
  • Wear protective gloves, and footwear that at least comes above the ankle. There are many more PPE coming into the market such as neck support and complete body armour etc.  Whatever protects you against injury, consider using them since we don't have a cage around us.
  • Good quality, properly fitting protective gear can make the difference in a collision between serious injuries and long term pain and expense or slight short term discomfort. It is also the difference between being comfortable or cold and wet

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Fullface White HelmetNeck warmerEar PlugsBack ProtectorMotorcycle High Visibility JacketMotorcycle GlovesWaterproff TrouserThermal SocksMotorcycle Boots