All studies and researches worldwide indicate that riders who wear helmets crash less frequently and suffer fewer injuries and deaths if they do crash. They are less likely to suffer long-term or permanent disablement caused by head or neck injuries. A helmet that meets the EU or other recognised standards offer significant protection if you crash. By cutting down ambient wind noise, helmets can actually help you hear other sounds better. By reducing fatigue from the wind, they keep you more alert. By protecting your eyes from the wind, loose chippings and insects, they allow you to see well.

A full-face helmet can keep you from being distracted when a large insect hits your face. If you wear a bright-colored visible one (especially white helmet), you will be more conspicuous in traffic, making it easier for other motorists to see and avoid you. Do not let your helmet hanging on mirrors or on the bike or top of the car, once it falls your helmet may not be good as it use to be.  Please do not buy second hand helmet and they have no monetary value at all and do not lend your helmet to anyone else.  It is a personal item which should not be shared


Low visibility is another problem that makes cold weather riding difficult. The products to keep your visor from clouding up include fog-free visors, accessory shields and sprays and waxes. An innovative product is a mask worn inside your helmet that gently seals across the bridge of your nose and cheeks, so your breath is directed down and away from the inside of your visor, eliminating condensation.


Types of Helmet

Full face

Open face

Flip up (works as a full face or open face)

Off road Motor cross helmet