Motorcycle Jacket

Do your research and choose leather or non leather cordura / gore-tex. In order to stay warm, just a good jacket will not suffice. You also need to layer your clothing, ideally starting with thermal innerwear. Among the different kinds of jackets available are all-season jackets and expedition jackets. While a multi-utility motorcycle jacket may seem like a sensible option, your focus should be on good quality and warmth. The outer material should be wind and waterproof, with reflective panels. Another option is to use overalls for cold weather, which provide the maximum protection. There are some top of the range full-jacket liners with heated torso, sleeves and collar; or electrically heated trouser liners are available in the market.

Safety and Comfort

For a motorcycle jacket to be comfortable it needs to take a rider's position into account. This means your arms need longer sleeves, your shoulders need more space, your lower back needs more material to cover the gap in between pants and jacket and the jacket needs to contain closings to keep out wind & rain and a lining goes a long way in ensuring good comfort.

Inner Lining

Some jackets contain linings that can be removed, for example a winter lining. If your jacket contains such a feature make sure that the lining can be secured in different places  You can also opt for a great neck warmer. But try to get one with a wind stopper. This combination makes for a great connection between motorcycle helmet and jacket.

Pouches and Pockets

The more pockets the better, as long as it doesn't mess-up your look. You need at least one inner pocket preferably waterproof to hold your wallet or some papers. Outer pockets have no use if they can't be closed. Ask yourself ...are you going to use them while riding? So make sure all pockets can be secured. Some pockets will contain a little flap over the zipper to keep water out.

Lining and Padding

Extra padding in essential places is not extra luxury but they are mandatory. These are the most common places to look for padding: elbows, shoulders and back. This padding can be in the form of extra material sewn onto the jacket or carbon Kevlar shells or gells in the lining

Reflective material

The N0.1 reason for motorcycle accidents is that another driver did not see you! See and be seen. Just quickly check out if your motorcycle jacket has any reflective material or maybe a brighter colour.  You may look "cool" with a dark coloured gear but you are not safe.  I was told when a driver involves in an accident with a biker and gave evidence in coroner's court, he or she never said I saw the rider; instead, they said "I just didn't see that boy / girl".  " WHY DON'T YOU WEAR A HIGH VISIBILITY VEST"?


Let me tell you it is "very cool" with a black bike, black gear, black helmet, and no dipped head lights.  If you ride a motorcycle like this, you are NOT A RESPONSIBLE BIKER  because we all want to see our loved ones at the end of the day and I hope they all agree with me.  It is very hard to see a serious biker involved in an accident (unless human error, faulty machine or the oncoming driver lost total control due to various other reasons) but you are adding to the statistics saying "Another biker got killed" which is not true.