Neck warmer

Neck warmer or Neck tube is made from some type of lightweight and stretchy layer fabric that blocks most of the wind and acts as a lightweight insulating layer for the rider's neck. Thermal neck warmers are specifically designed for use with motorcycle for extra comfort and to keep your neck warm for long distance riding in order to avoid hypothermia.

Hypothermia: A condition of insufficient heat in the human body, which can be fatal

Hypothermia occurs when your core body temperature drops significantly, but temperatures don't need to be below freezing to induce hypothermia. Wind chill gets worse as wind speeds increase, and the longer you are sitting in a fixed open  position traveling at a touring speed, the worse it gets.

One early sign of potential hypothermia occurs when you start feeling cold and you can't decide if you should pull over or not. Long before this point occurs, you should have pulled into that nice warm cafe and had some hot chocolate or soup.

Uncontrolled shivering and chattering teeth are signs of real danger. You may start to feel dizzy, or even drunk, as your muscles begin to stiffen. Continued exposure may cause the shivering to slow down or even stop, but by then you're in serious trouble. 

A good thermal layer of Neck warmer, complete overall thermal wear from top to bottom including thermal socks are highly recommended. The key to safe cold weather riding is proper preparation and a smart rider will beat all these elements by correct equipment and proper apparel.  However, the unprepared rider invites not only discomfort also serious physical trouble.  Donít forget! When you are cold on a bike, you are really cold.  Prevention is better than cure.