Testimonials - Pretests

Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 21:28:17 +0000 [01/21/2010 09:28:17 PM GMT]
From: Anne O' Shaughnessy
To: "info@comfortdriving365.com" <info@comfortdriving365.com>
Subject: Passed!

Dear Daniel,
Just a word of thanks for your perseverence and patience during my driving
lessons - they certainly paid off in the end! I'm on cloud nine and still
can't believe that i did as well as i did, passing first time round with
only a single grade 1 tick. This is quite something coming from the (very)
nervous, hesitant and indeed fearful driver that you first met. I found
your manner reassurring, your instruction was spot-on actually, and most
patient considering how often you had to repeat yourself! I found your
pre-tests very helpful, and though you did push me, I think this was very
necessary and actually enabled my to relax somewhat during the test itself.
And by the way the technical questions you asked me on my last drivng lesson
were the ones I was actually asked!
Thanks again for everything

Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 16:25:30 +0000 [01/21/2010 04:25:30 PM GMT]
From: Fiona Gavin
To: info@comfortdriving365.com
Subject: I Passed!!

Hi Daniel,
Thank you so much for all your help, i still cant believe it!
Here a little bit for your website:

I'm absolutely delighted with the instruction I received from Daniel
in Comfort Driving School. I passed my test today, first time!
Having only 6 days to prepare for my test, I don't think it would have
been as easy without a driving instructor that was as reliable,
flexible and most of all as patient as Daniel has been. He gave me so
much confidence to be a positive and safe driver! He explained all
manoeuvres and techniques perfectly, providing picture examples
anytime i was confused. I was especially grateful for him giving up
his day off yesterday, cheers and also for the tips he gave me for the
test which put me at ease today.
I would recommend Daniel and Comfort Driving School to anyone who
wants to progress with the best instruction. Thank you!

Sincere Thanks,


Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2009 11:21:33 -0000 [12/09/2009 11:21:33 AM GMT]
From: "Mee, Joseph"
To: info@comfortdriving365.com
Subject: Thanks

Hi Daniel,

Here's a wee bit for your site - use as much or as little of it as you
like - I won't be offended in the least. Thanks again for all you help.

At first I was wary about paying slightly more for lessons than with
some other instructors, but after even my very first session I realised
that the investment was worth every cent. Daniel pushed me hard during
lessons, constantly imparting tips and techniques, so that when the test
came around it was so much less daunting than it could have been. With
another instructor, I just don't think I could have passed first time
and with so few lessons. As the SAS say, "Train hard, fight easy".

Date: Sun, 13 Dec 2009 20:40:36 +0000 [12/13/2009 08:40:36 PM GMT]
From: Lorna Powell
To: info@comfortdriving365.com
Subject: Success

Hi Daniel,

Just a note to let you know that I passed my driving test last week. Thanks
for the training, I'm 100% more confident and perceptive with my driving now
than I was when I first met you.


Lorna Powell


Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 17:18:02 +0000 [12/11/2009 05:18:02 PM GMT]
From: Holly Sheeran
To: info@comfortdriving365.com
Subject: Re: Driving Lessons

Hi there,
Just want to add my thanks to Danny and his superb method of teaching; we had exactly one week to correct my errors an bad habits, and through his critical evaluation of my driving and encouragement using acroynms and repetition, I passed my test, first time after just 4 lessons with him.
Whilst I did have some confidence on driving on the straight (!) they were a lot of niggly things including extreme overuse of clutch and non-reliance on the brake that needed drastic action.
I need to drive for work and couldn't believe when I only got three Grade 2's on my test, an instant pass! It is down to though, the teaching and support I got that week. And importantly, I feel safe driving now. Whilst I do have Danny's 'commands' going around in my head at certain parts of the drive, I am reassured that they are reminding me to go that extra step to be a safer driver.

Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2009 12:30:48 +0000 [12/10/2009 12:30:48 PM GMT]
From: Jessica Cooke
To: info@comfortdriving365.com
Subject: testimonial

Having lived in Dublin all my life, I never had any reason to be
behind the wheel. I moved to Galway, took lessons with Daniel, and
passed my test first time! I did not even own a car to practice on! I
passed on Daniel's lessons alone! I could not fault his teaching
abilities if I tried. He is amazing at what he does
Jessica Cooke, Personal Trainer, Galway

Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 17:49:07 +0000 [10/28/2009 05:49:07 PM GMT]
From: Emmett Divilly
To: info@comfortdriving365.com
Subject: Hi Dan

Hi Dan,
Just a quick email to say thanks again for all your help with passing my
test first time.
After 7 lessons you weeded out all (of the many) bad habits i had developed
and made me a more confident and competent driver.
To anyone else looking for a driving instructor pick Dan and you'll get
where you're going and if i ever get around to it i'll be doing my advanced
driving lessons with you as well.



Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 12:29:38 -0700 [10/21/2009 08:29:38 PM GMT]
From: marwa elamin
To: info@comfortdriving365.com
Subject: Thank you

Dear Daniel

Just a small email to thank you for everything
When I started i was very anxious , and had lots of bad habits alright and was so scared of the the clutch I was thinking of avoiding a manual car altogether ! You were an excellant, VERY patient and very thorough teacher .
I still can't beileve I passed the test (in manual car !) with an ALMOST clean sheet !

thanks again , really appreciate the effort

Dr. Marwa Elamin, Galway city


Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 14:38:50 +0100 [06/18/2009 02:38:50 PM GMT]
From: hazel kennedy
To: info@comfortdriving365.com
Subject: passing my driving test

Hi Dan,
My feedback following the driving instruction you gave me.

Brilliant driving instructor, able to highlight your weaknesses in a couple
of minutes and works on them in a great way and with direction that is easy
to follow. Makes driving feel very simple. Has wonderful tips and hints for
when your driving. very honest with you and has a lovely way of giving
constructive advice. Passed my test after a few lessons and with only two
blue faults. definitly recomend, espically to those driving a while and who
have picked up bad habits like i had! thanks again Dan.

Hazel Kennedy

Hello Daniel ,

Please put this e-mail up on your web site for all the husbands/wife's/boyfriends or girlfriends
out their who are spending there evenings pulling there hair out and arguing with there better
halves trying to learn or get ready for a driving test !
I was that guy !!! But NO More !!
My wife had other instructors BUT after 2 lessons with you and the difference was unbelievable !!
No more shouting matches in the car just real progress....
3 more lessons and Praise be to the Lord she has passed FIRST TIME !!!!
I know my wife is delighted But not as much as me!!!!  

Many Many Thanks,
Sinead and Steve .

Hi Dan,

Just a quick email to say thanks.  You can stick this on your website if ya like:

I started learning to drive with another company in Galway, whom I wont name, but felt they weren't brilliant. I heard very good things about Comfort and the difference was refreshing. My instructor, Dan, was highly knowlegable, energetic and sound. I truely feel much more confident and safe on the road thanks to him. Passed my test with great results on 25.01.08. Thanks again Dan.

Kind Regards,

Barry Shee

List of 26 pupil passed the test in Galway within the first attempt during the month of June and July 2007.  Would you like to pass your driving test first time?  Don't wait till the last moment. Give us a call to do a pre test assessment.

Duleeka, Irene, Derik Boyle, Nial Culreavy, Clare Furey, Clare McMorrow, Ana Vaz, Barry Horgan, Heiko Shrodder, Mark Mulveen, Prof. Yuri Rochev, John Newell, Dr. Lyn Chapman, Arike Dab, Loren White, Michael Cartor, David O'Flaherty, Bertie Mullen, Enda Greaney, David Higgins, Joe Kotmann, Mary Trayers, Laima, Martin Richie, Adi, Eve Hickey.

Ashley Jordan- Galway passed the driving test on 1.5.07 with best results at the first go. Congratulations Ashley!!


APRIL SPECIAL Perfect Training!! Perfect Results!! Action speaks louder than words!!

I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me Dan. Remember how disillusioned I felt last December? You were a God send for me and I really think so highly of you both as a driving instructor and as a man. You are so suited to what you do. You have helped me to become a calm and diligent driver. God bless you Dan and your family.    Declan Cooney UCHG Galway 23.4.07. (Declan doesn't own a car up to date, he has taken only a pre test course & passed the test in Galway. It is a great achievement).

Thanks Daniel again for all your help, you are really a great teacher no doubt I'll be back to you again. Take it easy. Garry Mannion - GP Landscaping Galway 26.4.07

Tomas Waters - Connemara, Robert Burke - Loughrea, Derik McDonagh - Tuam, Ivan Brohl - Barna, Kevin Collins - Kilcolgan, Bart Vernamon - Galway, Dave Egan - Galway, John Morgan- HP Galway, Hazel Garrett - Galway, Elaine - Medtronic Galway. Anthony Keane - Galway. All of the above pupils passed the Car / Motorcycle tests in Galway with flying colours in the month of April.

Mark O'Toole, Galway passed the driving test on 1.3.07 with best results.

Gavin NUIG, Galway passed the driving test on 1.3..07

Denise Coyle, Galway passed the driving test on 23.2.07

Stephen Noone, Galway passed the driving test on 23.2.07

Noel Kelly, Galway passed the driving test on 21.2.07

Patrick Galway, passed the driving test on 16.2.07

John Caufield Athenry, passed the driving test on 14.2.07

Dr. David Rajasekar UCHG, passed the driving test on 14.2.07

Aengus McCarthy passed the driving test on 5.2.07

Lisa O'Connor - I passed my driving test first time on 19.01.07 with best results. I highly recommend Comfort Galway and say a big thank you to Dan. I passed Yippeee. Thank you so much. Thank you again.

Orla Shiel This driving school in Galway has the ability to help any nervous driver to achieve the highest driving standards beyond required.  I had the ability to drive but not safe or to pass the test. Thanks to Comfort Driving Galway. Excellent training, patient instructor and straight to the point. Passed the test on 29.12.06. 

Garry Hession, Safety Direct, Galway  passed the driving test on 24.11.06 in Galway with only 2hrs pretest training.

Karol Cooke, Upper Salthill, passed the driving test on 17.11.06 in Galway.

Ruwan Deshapriya, Radisson SAS Galway, passed the driving test on 16.11.06 in Galway

Valery...... A Dental Nurse, Headford passed the driving test on 16.11.06 in Galway

Bianca Bahle Enofe, My husband Maurice passed the driving test in Galway few months ago and highly recommended comfort driving centre to me.   I passed my driving test on 13.11.06 in Galway and without a doubt I'd say comfort is the best driving school in Galway.