Testimonials - Pretests

Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 11:24:15 +0100 [10/14/2009 11:24:15 AM GMT]
From: Colm Gannon
To: info@comfortdriving365.com
Subject: Driving Test completion

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for all the driving lessons. Felt fully confident during the test.
Went perfectly, no hick-ups at all. It seemed like the test flew by.

I'd definitely recommend you to any of my friends looking for driving

All the best for the future.
Might catch you on the road.

Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 18:43:06 +0100 [09/09/2009 06:43:06 PM GMT]
From: Maria ODonnell
To: info@comfortdriving365.com
Subject: [No Subject]

meant to send this earlier! had 2 lessons with
you before my test abot two months ago. couldnt believe how much i learned in 3
days!!! i went from failing my test to passing without a bother! even now
everything you have thought me has stayed with me im much more confident and
safe as a driver! thanks for everything!

maria o donnell

Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 16:45:07 +0100 [04:45:07 PM IST]
From: Enda Fahy
To: info@comfortdriving365.com
Subject: Re: Pre Test

Well Daniel,

I can't thank you enough for your help and guidance over the last six
months. I passed my test first time round today and a truly delighted with
the outcome. For anyone that has not decided on an driving instructor I
would just like to say they don't come any better than Daniel. He really has
a passion for what he does and his incredible attention to detail in all
aspects of driving puts people in a great position come the dreaded day of
the test.

Daniel I wish you all the best of luck in the future and am absolutely
delighted I chose you as the person with the mammoth task of getting me in a
position to pass my test.

Kind regards

Enda Fahy


Wed, 10 Jun 2009 21:01:17 +0100 [06/10/2009 09:01:17 PM IST]
From: Aoife Dempsey
To: info@comfortdriving365.com
Subject: testimonial and thanks!

Hi Dan,

Just wanted to thank you once again, I took my test today 10.06.09 and passed! However, more importantly I feel much more competent and confident while driving. You are a wonderful instructor and I would recommend you to everyone. Your detailed feedback and critique, which is always delivered in a patient and friendly manner, ensure better and safer driving.

Thanks again,

Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 19:01:09 -0000 [03/26/2009 07:01:09 PM GMT]
From: Tara Breathnach
To: info@comfortdriving365.com
Subject: woo hoo! Thank You!

Hiya Daniel, still on a high after passing the test today!
Stick this up on your website, many thanks for turning me from a terrified, tearful and reluctant driver to a careful and (mostly!) competent driver. Thank you for all your help,patience and encouragement. In such a short space of time to have gone from the odd carpark practice with my father, to driving the family car last night and my Dad COMPLIMENTING me on my driving.... I never though it would be possible!

all the best,
míle buíochas!
Tara Breathnach

Thomas Farrell - NUIG Galway, http://optics.nuigalway.ie/people/thomas/thomas.html  I'll just tell my story. Failed test 2 times before (Failed by a good bit) Took 4 lessons of Comfort Driving365 school and took the test two days ago (24.10.06).

Eoin Ferguson, Mervue, Galway. Failed the test 2 times but when I met Comfort365 Driving Instructor, I knew immediately this time I'm gonna get it. Yes I got it on 27.10.06!! I'm delighted, great instructor.  I'd say Comfort Driving is one of the most popular driving schools in Galway for highest test pass rates.

Aoife Daly,  Boston Scientific, Galway. Passed the Driving Test in Galway on 3.11.06

Sharon O' Reilly, passed the driving test first time in Galway on 20.10.06 with only 4 hours of pretest training.

Melissa McLoughlin, Boston Scientific, Galway, passed her car driving test 1st time with only 4 months of driving experience on Friday the 13th October 2006.

Barry Horgan, Fidelity Investments Galway passed the test on 23.09.06 with best results.

John Phillips, A Quantity Surveyor passed his driving test exceptionally well in Galway on 14.09.06

Nora Lydon, Over 50 years old lady never thought she would pass a driving test took only 5 hours of Pre-test training and passed the test on 01.9.06

On 29.08.06 teenager Ruth Nolan, Clarinbridge passed the test first time in Galway and never driven before.  The tester was amazed at her performance and commended the training she obtained was exceptional.  She has obtained only 13 hours from Zero to Pass the test having less than four months of driving experience.

 A young Sports car enthusiast Jabrane Benazzouz from Boston Scientific passed the car test on 28.8.06 with zero faults in Galway within 4 hours of Pretest Training.

P J Moran Claregalway - I failed my driving test twice in 2005, after learning from a private driving school outside. It was demoralizing as my 2nd test got even more points than my 1st test. I then signed up with Comfort Driving School. I was very surprised to find that the instructor was very professional, patient and encouraging.  I passed my test with a very clean sheet.

Irene- Boston Scientific, Galway. When the driving instructor realised that I need more courage in decision making at difficult road conditions, he went the extra mile in his duty by giving me exposure to drive in congested roads (heavy traffic routes) and high speed national roads. With his help, I gained much confidence in decision making while driving and passed my driving test. I was very much impressed by the systematic training conducted at Comfort Driving Centre.

Ilya Vinokhodov- After 18 years driving experience in the continent on right side of the road, I went to a driving instructor in Galway for a pretest training. He said I should cancel the test coz I won't pass it. I went to comfort driving centre and passed the test with only 5 hours of training. The Instructor was methodical, highly organised, very accurate and caught my every single bad habits. My instructor Daniel has an eagle eye and you can't go wrong with comfort driving.