Trouser Material

Pants are mostly made of leather or Cordura which is a kind of nylon and they both have their own pros and cons. Please do a thorough research before purchasing your clothing.

Safety and Comfort

You need to take into consideration that you will be sitting in the same position for an extended period of time. This means that the motorcycle pants should be designed for this position and not standing up. Sometimes when you look at a motorcycle rider with the motorcycle pants on standing straight, they balloon a bit around the hips and the knees tend to stick out funny but it is normal.

Weatherproof / Waterproof

Leather motorcycle pants aren't really made to withstand rain but leather gears are the best in good weather. I love leather though I look funny on leather because leather gear will withstand skin abrasion and fire.  However, they aren't great for Irish weather but leather was close to human beings for centuries before anyone invented manmade materials. You need to cover them with rain motorcycle pants (which is manmade materials :-). I know this might be uncomfortable but it extends the life of your leather pants. Leather treated to withstand rain will last a bit longer.

Non-leather pants need to have an inner material to seal against water. Gore-Tex is often used just like with jackets they are breatheable and waterproof. Rain motorcycle pants are often coated plastic which are non breatheable but hold out all wind and water but they can get damp very quickly on a humid day.

Velcro's, Buckles and Zippers

Look for strong zippers in pants, motorcycle pants seem to get the worst beating. Jamming your boots in them or just packing them in your saddle bags. So always lean towards heavy duty zippers on pants.

Pouches and Pockets

A few pockets and pouches will help but they are not as important as on a motorcycle jacket. Try to get pockets which can be closed easily.

Protection for Knees

You need some extra space around your knees. Simply because your legs are bent, otherwise the motorcycle pants will be pulled up over your ankles. In the knees you will also need extra padding, since they are so vulnerable.

Padding and Lining

Essential padding must be around the waist and on the knees. Take a good look at the lining of motorcycle pants.  In the case of extra winter lining (which can be inserted) or removable lining make sure they can be secured in a good way.